Pratama Indomitra Konsultan

Pratama Indomitra Konsultan (usually called as “Pratama Indomitra”) was established on 15 March 2010. For the firs time, Pratama Indomitra provided clients, both corporation and individual, with professional tax services. The tax services related to a founder who used to be tax auditor of Directorate General of Taxes. In addition, the founder is now a lecturer of University of Indonesia and UHAMKA (Prof. Dr. HAMKA Muhammadiyah University), a professional consultant, as well as a doctoral student at University of Indonesia (administration science).

Pratama Indomitra Konsultan consists of tax consultants with extensive skill and experience in taxation, consistently promoting integrity and business ethics. Pratama Indomitra’s consultants hold C certificate (the highest grade of tax consultant) and are registered tax consultants and licensed tax attorneys.

In current development, Pratama Indomitra currently provides clients with various professional services, including tax services, accounting services, good corporate governance services, and Knowledge & Development Center (KnDC).


KnDC was setup based on our understanding that anyone who desires the good of present life should seek knowledge; anyone who desires the life of Hereafter should seek knowledge; and anyone who wants to do well in this life and in the next world should seek knowledge. For this reason, KnDC’s services include: in-house and public training with varied topics and book publication.

KnDC is aimed to share knowledge to others based on the concept ofKnowledge Management (KM). According to Paulin & Suneson(Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Barriers – Three Blurry Terms in KM, 2012), a fundamental part in KM is to spread and make knowledge accessible and usable within or between chosen organizations. We are sure that providing training with actual topics, such as taxation, accounting, finance, GCG, risk management, human capital, and legal, will enable participants to understand their case and find the accurate solutions.


During five years (2010-2015), it has been proven that our employee turnover was very low because of employee retention programs we have been applying. We understand that compensation/remuneration, workforce environment, and superiors’ behavior are primary factors in the employee retention programs.

Merit system or meritocracy is also applied to retain smart and loyal employees so that “eagle flies, chicken stays” does not happen in Pratama Indomitra. Up to 2015, seven office boys have been promoted to be admin staffs, training staffs, or junior consultants in accordance with their own passion. Pratama Indomitra gives all consultants an opportunity to join certified tax consultant and Pratama Indomitra bears all relevant charges for the first and the second chance.

As a profit-oriented firm, Pratama Indomitra positions itself as a learning organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future. This refers to the learning organization developed by Senge(The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization, 1994). Pratama Indomitra’s teamcontinually expandtheir capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patternsof thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people arecontinually learning how to learn together.


Our Mission:
To be recognized as world-class consulting firm in the field of taxation service, accounting service, as well as knowledge & development center, that is consistently guided by core values,
underlying beliefs, and ethics.

Our Vision:
To provide high-quality services in taxation and accounting to our clients will make us as an ultimate solution in solving their taxation and accounting issues.

To keep sharing knowledge and developing able people will make us as the center of
knowledge and development.


1. Visionary Leadership

Our senior leaders set directions and create a client focus, clear and visible values, and high expectations. The directions, values, and expectations balance the needs of our whole stakeholders, including government, clients, employees, suppliers and partners, stockholders, as well as the public and community.

2. Focus on the Future

Our pursuit of sustainable growth and market leadership requires a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long-term commitments to the key stakeholders.

5. Organizational & Personal Learning

Our achievement for the highest levels of business performance requires a well-executed approach to organizational and personal learning. Our organizational learning includes both continuous improvement of existing approaches and adaptation to change, leading to new goals and/or approaches.

3. Client-driven Excellence

Our client-driven excellence has both current and future components: (a) understanding today’s clients desires and (b) anticipating future client desires and marketplace potential.

6. Managing for Innovation

Our innovative ways in making meaningful changes to improve products, services, and organizational processes and to create new value for the organization’s stakeholders. Our innovation leads our organization to new dimensions of performance.

4. Management by Facts

Our firm depends on the measurement and analysis of performance. Such measurements should be derived from business needs and strategy, and they should provide critical data and information about key processes, outputs, and results.

7. Focus on Results & Creating Values

Our performance measure-ments focus on key results. The results are used to create and balance value for our key stakeholders.


The Public and Community

  1. We grow because of performing our profesionalism instead of protection or special treatment;
  2. We have a moral responsibility, not just obey the law;
  3. We provide services, which are valuable to people, not just aimed to achieve a big profit;
  4. We conduct a social responsibility in a spirit of service, no longer with the spirit of generosity;
  5. We improve the quality of the environment, not just protecting the environment;
  6. We are a respected corporate citizen, not just a business entity capable of obtaining high return


  1. We build a corporate reputation of which results are reflected in the increase in market value of entity shares;
  2. We build a profitable enterprise capabilities through service offerings which are highly valued by clients;
  3. We run a social responsibility that enhances corporate image and public support for the existence of the entity.


  1. We offer high quality to clients and do the best for their interest;
  2. We do not justify any means to achieve goals when providing clients with our professional services;
  3. Our service is efficient, effective, and executed with great care;
  4. Our transactions are clear and not limiting clients’ choice;
  5. We provide clients with information that also explains long-term negative impact, instead of promoting short-term benefits only.

Suppliers & Business Partners

  1. We become the mutual business partner and a trusted partner in emerging market;
  2. We become the creator of corporate image and prestige in the community;
  3. We become the creator of high value as the consequence of high reputation in the society.


  1. We are responsible not just economically, but also obey the rules and socio-cultural & religious norms;
  2. We do not only provide high quality services, but also improve quality of the community life;
  3. We do not only have a global responsibility, but also have a high awareness in local communities;
  4. We are not only able to build a "goodwill" clients, but also capable of educating and maturing community;
  5. We are not only able to recruit the best workers, but can also run it on a non-discriminatory and take into consideration the interests of local communities;
  6. We grow as a green entity;
  7. We grow to become a trusted government partner in the development on local and national scale


  • We perform fair treatment to all employees and non-discriminatory employment practices;
  • We keep empowering our employees to increase their competences, professionalism, and integrity;
  • Our employees act at all times with integrity and perform their duties in compliance with all applicable laws, policies, and procedures;
  • Our employees discharge their duties in an honest, candid, and through manner.