Good Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is the system or the way an organization that is managed and redirected. Implementation of good corporate governance in a company will affect strategic policy and the way the company runs its business practices. These changes will directly impact on the achievement of overall performance. So that, good corporate governance is currently believed to be the main contributor to the improvement of company performance.

In the global competition, where the values of the shareholders (shareholder value) is a major concern and the growing involvement of institutional investors, good corporate governance agenda will be the central issue of the company. Awareness and confidence in the application of good corporate governance also allows the director and board of Commissioners to achieve the targeted results and maximum.

Besides, good corporate governance can also serve as a tool to assess the quality of management of a company policy. Thus, in the fact good corporate governance is the application of systems that can ensure the sustainability of the company's business better. Pratama Indomitra can assist client in creating a company that has good corporate governance.

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Our Services

  1. Road Map of GCG Implementation
  2. Assessment of GCG Implementation
  3. GCG Soft-Structure, e.g. GCG Code, Board Manual, Code of Conduct, Internal Audit Charter, Committees Charter
  4. Whistle Blowing System
  5. GCG-Based Annual Report
  6. Corporate Culture
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. GCG Training & Workshop