Training And Seminars

These services are aimed to enhance the taxpayer’s knowledge and skills on taxation and other soft skills The training is conducted by combining theory and practice in the form of in-house training at a company or open for public. So far these two kinds of trainings have successfully conducted in various corporations and institutions and attended by thousands of participants.

The trainings cover:

A. Taxation

  1. Income Tax
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT)
  3. General Provisions on Taxation, Land and Building Tax, and Stamp Duty
  4. Transfer Pricing Documentation
  5. Tax Accounting
  6. Current Issues on Taxation
  7. Preparation Course for Tax Certification Examination

B. Finance & Accounting

  1. Guidelines for Identifying Practical Application of IFRS Impact of Tax Due
  2. Tips and Tricks Easy to Understand SAK ETAP and Tax Impact
  3. General Provisions on Taxation, Land and Building Tax, and Stamp Duty
  4. Finance for Non Finance
  5. Financial Statement Analysis

C. Good Corporate Governance

  1. Basic Principles of Good Corporate Governance
  2. Strategic Governance Policy Making GCG Implementation More Applicable
  3. Making Corporate Board More Effective Based On Good Corporate Governance
  4. Risk Based Corporate Governance

D. Risk Management

  1. Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Risk Control & Self-Assessment (RCSA)
  3. ISO 31000 Risk Management International Standart

E. Integrated Export Import
F. Human Resources


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