Tax Compliance

We provide tax compliance service to help taxpayers in complying with taxation provisions. This compliance service includes:

  1. Preparing tax calculation;
  2. Filling periodic and or annual tax return;
  3. Arranging tax payment;
  4. Lodging tax return to tax office;
  5. Signing tax return on behalf of taxpayers.

Taxation compliance service includes all taxation obligations:  income tax, value added tax, land and building tax, customs,  and regional tax.


Tax Diagnostic Review

Tax Diagnostic Review (TDR) is performed to examine the possibility of tax obligation in any transaction or business activity. Such tax obligation may emerge from normal or special transaction.

TDR service can be performed both as full review and limited review. The scope of full review is all aspects of taxation obligation and transaction of the company. Documents to review will be very detailed. While in limited review, the scope is limited in particular obligation, particular period, and particular document/transaction.

TDR service is performed using standard techniques and standard procedures adopted by tax officers when they conduct and audit to test taxpayer compliance.

A complete TDR report is comprehensive by nature that can help taxpayers to prepare the tax planning and deal with the tax issue in the best way. While limited review report is more limited and reveals the estimation of tax obligation. Limited review report can help taxpayers to obtain general description of tax obligation, to detect any transaction which creates maximal tax exposure, and to prevent from any higher tax risk.


Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy service includes assistance to the client to reach a good understanding in taxation and to create an effective tax management. This service among others includes:

A. Tax Consulting
This service is to provide guidance for taxpayers to enable them performing taxation obligation efficiently and economically, giving explanation on specific and general taxation issues.

B. Tax Planning
This service is to make the program of taxation plan so that taxpayers can achieve tax efficiency, eliminating penalty/fine risk, and making taxation policy in line with financial policy of taxpayers in general.

C. Preparing the Manual of Taxation
This service is to assist corporate taxpayers to make taxation guidance which generally includes: policy, strategy, procedure, reporting, and technical guidance on tax calculation. This tax manual shall be useful for the company’s tax division and financial executives to achieve an efficient, effective, economical company tax management.

D. Transfer Pricing Documentation and Strategy
This service is intended to assist clients in dealing with transfer pricing risk. We provide input on documents and strategies needed to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenario.




Tax Assistance

1.Audit Assistance
Tax Audit Assistance service is accompanying taxpayers on the best effort to deal with auditor from Directorate General of Taxes. Pratama Indomitra Konsultan  will accompany  taxpayers  for  various  works  in  facing tax  audit,starting from pre-audit, during-audit to the completion of the audit. Audit assistance works include preparing documents to meet the requirement from the tax auditor, explaining and answering auditor’s questions, and giving response and discussing audit finding with the tax auditor.

Within such condition where tax audit result has come into tax court, our consultant is able to help representing taxpayers  in  tax  court  trial, performing  as the proxy of the taxpayers. Besides that, we can also help with the preparation and handling of appeal or objection to tax court.

2. Objection Assistance
In case of disagreeing to the tax assessment letter  resulting  from tax audit,  client  as taxpayer may apply objection letter. Our consultants will assist client in preparing objection letter, preparing documents required by objection reviewer, and dealing with tax officer to explain objection submitted by client.

3. Appeal Assistance
In  case of disagreeing to the tax objection decree issued by  Directorate General of Taxes, client as taxpayer may  submit  appeal  letter  to  tax  court.  In  this  process, our  consultants  assist  client in preparing appeal letter, preparing additional explanation, preparing evidences, and attending court session.

4. Judicial Review
In  case of disagreeing to tax appeal decree issued by tax court, client as taxpayer  may  apply  letter to ask the Supreme  Court  to  perform judicial review on the tax  appeal decree. In this case, our consultants will assist client in preparing letter concerning judicial review, evidences and additional explanation.

5. Transfer Pricing Documentation

6. Tax Manual Service