Tax Diagnostic Review

Tax Diagnostic Review (TDR) is performed to examine the possibility of tax obligation in any transaction or business activity. Such tax obligation may emerge from normal or special transaction.

TDR service can be performed both as full review and limited review. The scope of full review is all aspects of taxation obligation and transaction of the company. Documents to review will be very detailed. While in limited review, the scope is limited in particular obligation, particular period, and particular document/transaction.

TDR service is performed using standard techniques and standard procedures adopted by tax officers when they conduct and audit to test taxpayer compliance.

A complete TDR report is comprehensive by nature that can help taxpayers to prepare the tax planning and deal with the tax issue in the best way. While limited review report is more limited and reveals the estimation of tax obligation. Limited review report can help taxpayers to obtain general description of tax obligation, to detect any transaction which creates maximal tax exposure, and to prevent from any higher tax risk.