PT Pratama Indomitra Konsultan (Pratama) established on March 15 2010 by Prianto Budi Saptono an ex tax auditor at Directorate General of Taxes and a lecturer in University of Indonesia. Pratama is a local company with main business in providing tax consulting services. In order to expand the business of the international world, Pratama is also a member of Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms. We have three main businesses as consulting services, training & seminars, and research.


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With our three main businesses in consulting, training and research services, currently we meet our clients’ needs facing competitive business challenges. From the tax planning, the risk mitigation, the tax dispute solution, to the good corporate governance. We conduct training and workshop on various topics according to client needs and can be held both of offline and online, and can even be carried out in-house. As we are a research-based tax consultant, we provide a research forum not only to strengthen our tax-based knowledge, but also an inclusive forum, tax education in the community, and to a loyalty manifestation to clients in sharing knowledge. Moreover, as a form of innovation that we serve clients, we have online-based learning facilities, Pratama Academy, which we aim to academics, practitioners, and students in the taxation which can be accessed anywhere and anytime according to current conditions.


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Dr. Prianto Budi S., Ak., CA., MBA
Founder & CEO

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD (General Administrative Principles: Corporate Governance and Tax Risk Management, 2009), the tax authority has a vital role to ensure the corporate boards understand that they are ultimately responsible for their business’ tax strategies and outcomes. The tax authority is increasingly focusing on encouraging good corporate governance (GCG) and enhancing relationships with large businesses.

Corporate boards are accountable to their shareholders for ensuring appropriate corporate governance practices. GCG is fundamental to good business. The importance of GCG and greater transparency is highlighted by the current global financial crisis. Recently, CEOs and boards of large businesses are increasingly considering tax risk management as part of their overall corporate governance. They understand that the management of tax risk can affect its financial performance and reputation (OECD, 2009).

The tax risk is generally attributable to uncertainty about the interpretation of tax law in relation to particular transactions and the business perspective that might be different between the tax authority and the tax consultant. Leading practice boards in many countries are mandating that the tax risk to be managed like any other enterprise risk (OECD, 2009).

Understanding the need of tax risk management, as described in the above, Pratama Indomitra was established. The existence of Pratama Indomitra is expected able to assist the corporate board and CEOs to manage the tax risk in their companies. Pratama Indomitra is also present to assist the companies and individuals in applying various tax strategies adaptive to current regulations. It has been Pratama Indomitra’s commitment that its presence in the midst of the community is to assist taxpayers in improving their compliance with tax provisions and achieving their optimum tax efficiency based on the integrity and professionalism of Pratama Indomitra.

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