Accounting Services

Accounting Services

In company’s operation, bookkeeping is one of the more vital things. Decisions taken by management in performing the development of company will be easier and more precise when those are supported by well-organized bookkeeping. In addition, bookkeeping will also assist the company in conducting its obligation to perform the tax reporting periodically.

Assisted by professionals in the field of accounting and taxation, we offer the accounting service with the following scope of work:


1. Monthly Accounting
a. Balance Sheet
b. Monthly Profit and Loss Statement
c. Year To Date Profit and Loss Statement
d. Cash Flow Statement
e. Bank Reconciliation
f. General Ledger Detail
g. Subsidiary Ledger of Account Receivable/Account Payable
h. Other reports required by management related to financial statement

2. Other Accounting Services
a. Review existing Financial Statement, whether it is in accordance with Indonesian regulation
b. Perform Balance Sheet Reconcliation
c. Establish accounting system and procedure
d. Financial Forecasting