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The Pratama-Kreston Tax Research Institute (PK-TRI) is a division focusing on tax research and education to achieve tax inclusion and education in society. In our educational mission, we regularly provide scientific publications in journals, opinions, articles, infographics, and consulting articles. As with the role of the tax center, we are committed to continuing to contribute to society through tax research and education to achieve a tax-compliant cultured society through an inclusive approach. On the other hand, PK-TRI also has a role as a think tank for internal companies developing various digital marketing strategies.

Our track record has been proven to have an impact on the preparation of tax policy drafts and resource persons as tax experts in national media coverage. This reputation is backed by recognition from our network. Our team consists of tax experts, statisticians, governance experts, and financial and business analysts to maintain the highest quality tax research and education results

This service among others includes

Tax Consulting
Tax Planning
Preparing the
Manual of Taxation
Transfer Pricing

Tax Consulting

This service is to provide guidance for taxpayers to enable them performing taxation obligation efficiently and economically, giving explanation on specific and general taxation issues.

Tax Planning

This service is to make the program of taxation plan so that taxpayers can achieve tax efficiency, eliminating penalty/fine risk, and making taxation policy in line with financial policy of taxpayers in general

Preparing the Manual of Taxation

This service is to assist corporate taxpayers to make taxation guidance which generally includes: policy, strategy, procedure, reporting, and technical guidance on tax calculation. This tax manual shall be useful for the company’s tax division and financial executives to achieve an efficient, effective, economical company tax management.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

This service is intended to assist clients in dealing with transfer pricing risk. We provide input on documents and strategies needed to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenario.

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