Transfer Pricing Services

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Transfer Pricing Services

The Transfer Pricing Division assist the taxpayer in providing and preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc) Report, benchmarking analysis, TP Study, reviewing and adjusting TP Doc, and analyzing case of TP Doc in audit and objection to case of TP Doc dispute in the appeal and judicial review.

  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc) Report
    Providing Master and Local TP Doc, including of analysis of business activities and related party transactions, transfer pricing methodology, and benchmarking analysis in accordance with Minister of Finance Regulation No. 213/PMK.03/2016 and Country by Country Report.

  • Benchmarking Analysis
    Providing selected comparable data from a reliable database as a basis for conducting analysis of relating transaction.

  • Transfer Pricing Study
    Analyzing or determining the arm’s length principle relating to related party transactions that will be carried out, so that the transfer pricing will be corresponded with the prevailing tax regulation.

  • Review the Transfer Pricing Documentation Report
    Reviewing the draft TP Doc documents that have been prepared by the client to ensure the TP Doc comply in accordance with the prevailing tax regulation.

  • Analysis of Audit, Objection, and Dispute of TP Doc
    Analyzing audit case and objection to dispute relating to TP Doc in the process of appeal and judicial review.

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