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Pratama Indomitra Konsultan (commonly known as “Pratama Indomitra” or just simply “PIK”) was established on 15 March 2010. Initially, Pratama Indomitra provided the clients, both corporation and individual, with the professional tax services. This professional tax services are provided due to the fact that Pratama Indomitra’s founder, Mr. Prianto Budi S., was a Tax Auditor at Directorate General of Taxes. Currently, he is a lecturer at University of Indonesia and UHAMKA (Prof. Dr. HAMKA Muhammadiyah University), a professional consultant holding the C level certificate of tax consultant, and a postgraduate student at University of Indonesia majoring the administration science.

The tax consultants in Pratama Indomitra are all having the extensive skills and experiences in taxation. They are also registered tax consultants holding the certificate starting from A level to the highest of C level as well as the licensed tax attorneys.

Nowadays, in line with the growing needs of the clients, Pratama Indomitra provides clients with various professional services, among others, tax services, accounting services, Good Corporate Governance (GCG), and trainings for various topics starting from taxation, Human Resources, GCG, risk management, and legal.


Pratama Indomitra Konsultan’s continuous growth is in line with the continuous growth of trust from the clients. Pratama Indomitra’s clients are from various industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer goods, educations, constructions, agency, coal mining and trading, hotel & resorts, government banking, pharmacy, property, and many more.


Our mission

To be recognized as world-class consulting firm in the field of taxation service, accounting service, as well as knowledge & development center, that is consistently guided by core values, underlying beliefs, and ethics.

Our vision

To provide high-quality services in taxation and accounting to our clients will make us as an ultimate solution in solving their taxation and accounting issues.

To keep sharing knowledge and developing able people will make us as the center of knowledge and development.

In order to expand the business to the international world, Pratama Indomitra is also a member of Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms.
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1. Visionary Leadership

Senior leaders at Pratama Indomitra set directions and create a client focus, clear and visible values, and high expectations. The directions, values, and expectations balance the needs of our whole stakeholders, including government, clients, employees, suppliers and partners, stockholders, as well as the public and community.


2. Focus on the Future

The pursuit of sustainable growth and market leadership at Pratama Indomitra requires a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long-term commitments to the key stakeholders.


3. Client-driven Excellence

The client-driven excellence at Pratama Indomitra has both current and future components: (a) understanding today’s clients desires and (b) anticipating future client desires and marketplace potential.


4. Facts-based Management

Pratama Indomitra depends on the measurement and analysis of performance. Such measurements should be derived from business needs and strategy, and it should provide critical data and information about key processes, outputs, and result.


5. Organizational & Personal Learning

Pratama Indomitra’s effort to achieve the highest levels of business performance requires a well-executed approach to organizational and personal learning. Pratama Indomitra’s organizational learning includes both continuous improvement of existing approaches and adaption to change, leading to new goals and/or approaches.


6. Innovation Management

The innovations at Pratama Indomitra in making meaningful changes are aimed to improve products, services, and organizational processes and to create new value for the organization’s stakeholders. The innovation made at Pratama Indomitra leads the organization to new dimensions of performance.


7. Result-oriented in Creating Values

The performance measurements at Pratama Indomitra focus on key result. The result is used to create and to balance value for the key stakeholders’ benefit.


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Registered tax consultants, licensed tax attorneys, a member of Kreston International